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Dementia Citizens

A pilot project to design apps for dementia research

Dementia Citizens is a project to connect people with dementia and their carers with researchers, using apps on smartphones and tablets.

In 2016 we launched 2 pilot apps that aimed to help people with dementia:

Thanks to everyone that used a Dementia Citizens app during this pilot, we’ve learnt an enormous amount about designing research apps with people affected by dementia. We’re now writing up what we’ve learnt, and will publish the findings on this website in 2017.

What is the Dementia Citizens project?

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The pilot project

Use our apps

Using a pilot Dementia Citizens app, people affected by dementia could enjoy an activity, such as listening to music or creating a digital life story book, using a smartphone or tablet.


Take part in research

People using the apps also had the opportunity to take part in a research study by answering simple questions in the app. Answers to these questions were combined with those from many others using the apps, along with information about how people were using the apps.

This creates data that dementia researchers can use to spot patterns and help us learn more about caring for dementia.


See the results

All the findings from the pilot project will be published on the Dementia Citizens website, for everyone to read and learn from.


Our pilot research apps

We piloted two apps – Book of You and Playlist for Life.

Book of You

Enjoy making and viewing a life story book - Book of You is a way to share happy memories with carers, friends and family.
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Book of You

The Book of You app is designed for you to enjoy making and viewing a life story book. This is a collection of photos, words and other things that reflect important aspects of your life.

Book of You is a way to share happy memories with carers, friends and family. This can have powerful benefits, such as improving mood and wellbeing, stimulating memories, and helping to maintain or increase a sense of identity.

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Playlist for Life

Enjoy making and listening to a personal playlist - Playlist for Life is a way to find and listen to music that means something to you with carers, friends and family.
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Playlist for Life

The Playlist for Life app is designed for you to create and listen to a personal playlist. This is a collection of music that has meaning for you.

Playlist for Life is a way to enjoy personal music with carers, friends and family. Everyone has a song that takes them back to another time and place or cheers them up, and listening to this music can have powerful benefits for those living with dementia – from lifting mood and encouraging communication, to bringing a person with dementia closer to their friends, family and carers.

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